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A frequently asked questions and answers for AutoLiveTrade service
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans - AutoLiveTrade is one of the trusted names when it comes to knowledge of Technical Analysis in the Stock Market field and providing the best plugin software for Automatic Buy Sell Signal Indicators and Price Action Trading Strategies.

Ans - ALTS System is a plugin tool of Technical Analysis Charting Software, combined with a high probability trading system which provides advanced techniques and proper guidance to make successful trading results for Professional and Beginner traders.

Ans - Yes! You can apply our software to all markets like NSE, MCX, SX & FOREX (equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies).

Ans - Different types of Trading Strategies are available here. ALTS System has mainly two types of products.
1. Automatic Buy Sell Signal based on Universal leading indicators. (ALTS Leading Indicator Lite).
2. Price Action Trading Strategy based on Demand Supply, Support Resistance & Trend line Break-Out and Volume reading techniques, etc. (ALTS Max Profit Pro).

Ans - This strategy is mainly used for Novice traders who have no ideas about technical knowledge of Candlesticks Chart Patterns.
1. Automatic plots Buy and Sell Signals, Entry-Exit and Target Stop Loss.
2. Simple filtration method for the Fake signals detection.
3. Automatic real-time scanner and alert with sound system.
4. Very easy-to-understand and User-friendly Interface charts.
5. Intraday, Short-term and Delivery or Positional all traders can use this strategy.

Ans - The Price Action Trading Strategy is applicable for all types of traders. But it is much easier for technical traders as compared to freshers.
1. Manual Entry-Exit and Target Stop Loss based on Risk management calculator.
2. Buy @ bottom and Sell @ top. Entry and Exit based on reverse point.
3. Different types of trading signals like Dynamic Support Resistance Break-Out, Accumulation and Distribution zone Break-Out, Triangular Break-Out, Swing Reverse and many more.
4. Filtration process by Volume pressure for the Jackpot signals.
5. Automatic real-time scanner & exploration with sound alert.
6. Scalping, Intraday and Swing traders can use this strategy.

Ans - That depends upon the customer's choice. But as per comparison, the Price Action Trading Strategy (Max Profit Pro) provides more accuracy than the Buy Sell Indicator.

Ans - No! You can't get any free trial for your system (minimum one-month plan available). Before purchasing, you can watch a Free Live Demo through remote software. After satisfaction, you can go to buy this.

Ans - Most commonly, Three types of plans are available for each product. Please check more details on the product plan & payment page. Product cost is variable on the offer session. Software validity is the maximum period for A Five-Year plan only.

Ans - Yes! You must have needed a Real-Time Data feed for live trading. If already installed on your PC, it's Okay! Otherwise, you have to purchase it from an Exchange-authorized legal data vendor.

Ans - Generally, we are not a Real-Time Data provider company. So, we don't sell any Real-Time Data with our own identity or Brand Name. We mainly focus on business to provide the best trading system or trading strategies for educational purposes only. As per copyright rules, we are hiring data from Exchange-authorized legal data vendors only with their own Identity and Brand Name for those clients purpose who have no idea about Real-Time Data or don't know anything about data feed services and forcefully demand data from us. If you search on the internet about data feed services, you can get many Real-Time Data service providers. You can buy from them.

Ans - You can watch a free live demo through the latest version of TeamViewer® OR AnyDesk® remote software. Simply call our representative at +918116184107 OR +919547822308 and request a demo. They will guide you through everything.

Ans - Generally, we show free demos on trading days from Monday to Friday morning from 9.30 am to 6 pm.

Ans - Yes, we understand timing value. That is why we provide instant Phone Call support and Online Live Chat support free of cost till the subscription period. Future installation, re-installation or remote help will be free of cost. (depends on the subscription plan).

Ans - Yes, we install this software on more than one PC for free of cost. But at a time, you can log in with a User ID in a single system. Suppose you have one Desktop and a Laptop, You can log in from either Desktop or Laptop anyone, not for both at a time. First, log out from one system and log in to another system.

Ans - You can make the payment by following methods,
By online CARD / Cheque / Online Fund Transfer (NEFT) / RTGS / IMPS or UPI Payment.
All the above payment methods are available directly through this website.

Ans - After making payment, kindly submit the Product Order Form and wait for the USER ID & PASSWORD. You will get all Product-relevant information from the PRICING page.

Ans - After crediting your amount within one hour you will get your User ID & Password through your registered email. After receiving your User ID and Password, you can contact our Technical Department through LIVE CHAT or Phone Call for installation.

Ans - We shall install the latest version of the software through the TeamViewer® OR AnyDesk® remote software. Please download this software from their official website and keep it ready on your desktop.

Ans - After finishing the installation, our technical person will provide you with each & everything complete training (start to end).

Ans - Don't worry! The software has an automatic scanning facility that gives you text messages and sound alerts in real-time mode.

Ans - No! Our software doesn't support ROBO-Trading or ALGO-Trading. But the Third-Party ROBO-Trading Interface is available on our website. We can make your strategy with a plugin for ROBO-Interface. You can do AutoTrading through your self-strategy.

Ans - No! Our software is not working on the mobile operating system. The software depends on the Microsoft® Windows framework only. Interested persons can access our software through their mobile devices using our VPS plan with separate storage.

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