Who We Are?

AutoLiveTrade is a pioneer in developing the best trading strategy and technical analysis chart, Since its inception in the last fifteen years, The company has continuously developed unique and exceedingly effective and superior strategies which are being used by more than 15000 traders all over India.

AutoLiveTrade is one of the trusted names when it comes to knowledge of Technical Analysis for the Financial market. We offer a wide range of products and services in the field of Technical Analysis.

Our strength in the field of software development and capability to understand market needs has helped us forge our place as frontiers in Stocks, Commodity, Agriculture and Currency segments. The company also realizes the effort required behind making this dream turn into reality. It needs to achieve leading market benchmarks, deliver excellent client support and sharing less amount of technical knowledge to its clients as much as the company’s professional’s possessed regarding different types of trading.

Our mission is to give the best service to our valuable clients for making good profit from trading or investment. Our vision is to update every movement of market events.

Feature Fast & Prompt Technical Support in trading, we know the importance of TIME. By considering this we have equipped our technical and support department with highly talented and professionals stuffs who can handle your queries within a certain time.

Why should join with AutoLiveTrade | ALTS System

You should know about Auto Live Trade before joining

Dear visitors or traders, we are very happy to announce that AutoLiveTrade has launched a new Trading System which is based on pure 'Price Action' with Volume tricks. It plots automatic trend lines and Support / Resistance break-out patterns for the Intraday and positional time frame, very easy to understand the Accumulation & Distribution zone.

Every trader must have a common goal, that they want to generate some profits from the market by day trading or investing their capital as a part-time or full-time job. But after a few long they ultimately get confused with the market and start to lose their money due to lack of knowledge like discipline, risk management, technical concept, proper trading strategy or a well trading structure.

We guess that if you are not a disciplined trader or not trying to control your mind & emotions, your trading results are mixed and probably jaded to the losing side because we believe that it is impossible to be consistently profitable as a trader without the ability or skill to read a price chart.

One of the first and foremost thing in this stock market is that no one can provide you with the complete trading knowledge which can deliver you 100% profit. Because the share market is too much volatile & inconsistent. So there is no chance to win always 100% in this field. If you have this mentality then trading is not for you. But with a long time of hard work, technical research and following a strict discipline you can become a successful trader. Everyday markets teach us a new lesson so each trade is very important to increase our ideas and knowledge from profitable or non-profitable trading.

"An Untold Truth Behind Successful Trade" - A lost trade can teach you much more new idea than a won trade or no trade at all.

So Stop-Loss is a part of the game in our every trading session. Overall we need to focus on our balance sheet in the green zone at the end of the month.

After very deep and long research, our experts have successfully found out these winning strategy which can bring a revolution in your trading techniques. We are sharing here our best trading knowledge through a unique trading system that can optimize your Buying & Selling decision and may convert into a successful day trading (approx 70-90% accuracy).