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Advanced Technical Analysis Tools and Charting Resources for Nse, Mcx & Forex Market. Fully Computerized Most Accurate Trend Prediction Buy Sell Indicator with Automatic Entry-Exit and Target Stop-Loss. Price Action Trading Strategy for Scalping, Swing and Intraday BreakOut & Reversal Patterns. Get Multiple Time Frame Scanner and Exploration with Sound Alert.

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ALTS Max Profit Pro

Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software in India

Novice traders usually find themselves confused about what stocks need to take a position in or when to BUY or SELL them. As a total result, they encounter more losses than profits. Through a Buy-Sell indicator, traders can meet their goals in the right & easy way. For these reasons, most traders are searching for a reliable computerized trading system to analyze the market trends in indexes, equities, futures and options charts.

"ALTS System" is One of the Best Buy Sell Signal Software for scalping, intraday, swing and positional trades in the Indian & Forex stock markets. ALTS Max Profit-Pro is a most advanced Price Action technical chart that mainly combines Dynamic Support Resistance, Demand Supply, Reversal Patterns, Volume and Trend Lines Breakout strategies, etc. It will help you to identify the market trends and proper Entry-Exit ideas to maximize the profit ratio. It usually works for all segments, including Nifty 50 stocks, banking and pharma sectors, commodities, metals, energies and currencies.

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ALTS Trading System

AutoLiveTrade offers mainly two types of charting instruments and live market tools. Strategies are based on Price Action Trading and a combination of multiple Leading Indicators. Both give different types of Trend Finder signals and results. If you are confused about products, Kindly contact our sales representative for better guidance.

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Best Buy Sell Signal Software in India for Nse, Mcx & Forex Trading

Max Profit Pro

Price Action: Trend prediction results in approx 70% - 90% accuracy, based on past historical data.

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Indicator Lite

Leading Indicator: Trend prediction results in approx 60% - 80% accuracy, based on past historical data.

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Why Choose AutoLiveTrade

Few Reasons Why Traders Choose Us!

After long and deep research, our experts have successfully discovered some unique trading strategies & charting tools that can help you maximize gain against risk. You can apply our chart patterns to predict price movement (Up trend or Down Trend) for live Nifty 50 Stocks (equity, future & option) Bank Nifty, Tata, Maruti, Reliance, Bajaj, SBI, PNB, HDFC, MCX Commodities base metal, energy like Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude Oil, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Natural Gas and FOREX SX-Currencies, USDINR, JPYINR, GBPINR, EUROINR, etc.

More than thousands of intraday software, indicators and strategies are available in the market. If you start exploring these trading tools that help earn a profit, it may take years to find the right ones. Max Profit Pro is an all-in-one plugin software solution for the perfect Day Trading. Follow our chart reading techniques and manage your loss in proper ways.

Our promise to clients who trust in the share market and rely on Amibroker® Charting Software is that they can join us with self-confidence and without fear or greed. We will guide them by providing unbiased Technical Analysis software and the best trading signals tools with our expertise, proper knowledge & techniques to help them become successful traders and reach their goals.

First of all, watch the online performance, and then you can better judge whether this trading system can be useful or not. After taking our service, we shall provide free training for technical analysis indicators and how to find market trends through Price Action chart patterns.

One mission that keep in mind while forming AutoLiveTrade is to create trader-friendly trends indicator software that gives the right signals and pointers in a way even a beginner could understand, interpret and trade successfully in almost all markets and market conditions. ALTS System is 100% computer-generated free algorithmic trading ideas and chart reading techniques. You can learn it on your own rather than depending on someone else. Humans are prone to make errors, while computer codes are unimaginably faster & flawless in calculation, emotionless, objective & cost-effective solutions. We are developing a program for educational purposes only. The program includes coding for indicator formulas, scanners, and technical tools to help find actual market trends. It does not involve any commercial trading or Buying and Selling of securities. Before taking any trade, kindly consult your Financial Advisor.

Introduce our latest technical chart by watching this video.

Extra Advantages

Some facts that make us different from others

No- 1

We provide the best Buy Sell signal software with automatic Trend Finder indicators for stock market analysis.

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No- 2

AutoLiveTrade provides high-probability Day trading strategies for stocks, commodities and currencies trading.

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No- 3

Providing the Best Financial Technical Analysis Tools to predict market price direction for intraday, swing and scalping trading.

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No- 4

Low Risk and Highly Reward Ratio Trading Techniques. No frequent signals! Simple try to BUY @ Low or SELL @ High price.

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No- 5

Max Profit Pro has an advanced Time Frame scanner with a Candlestick Patterns filtration process to make your entry stronger than a lagging indicator.

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No- 6

It plots Automatic trend lines, Support Resistance, Triangular Breakout, Reversal patterns, Demand Supply and many more indicators.

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No- 7

It gives a Real-Time Scanner with sound alerts and an Exploration facility to save time and money, especially for Intraday purposes.

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No- 8

ALTS System is the most simple and user-friendly interface charting software. We provide completely free training and support.

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No- 9

We are providing excellent customer services and currently have more than 20,000 satisfied customers all over India.

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Solutions! We can try to help You.

The most common problems - Beginners face always!

Chart prediction goes in the wrong direction because of the inability to find the proper market trend.

Lack of knowledge about proper Technical or Fundamental Analysis of market data.

Improper guidance about the right time Entry-Exit, according to the Real-Time Price chart.

Don't follow the Risk management techniques OR high probability trading strategies.

Using low-quality charting applications OR getting unwanted tips and noisy signals from unreliable sources.


Trading is a specialized activity that may not be suitable for everyone!

Every trader always has a plan that,
"How to make consistent profit in the stock market?" OR "How to become a successful professional trader?"

It may sound very easy and simple. But the actual truth is to become a successful professional trader, it needs years of hard work, long-time technical research, peace of mind and active labour. We guess that if you are not a disciplined trader or not trying to control your mind & emotions, your trading results are mixed and probably jaded to the losing side because we believe that it is impossible to be consistently profitable as a trader without the ability or skill to read a price chart properly. It's important to note that the share market is incredibly volatile and inconsistent. So, 'Trading Investment' is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme for becoming wealthy! Disclaimers

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