ALTS-SYSTEM - Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software.

ALTS - System

ALTS-System is famouse mainly for best Risk Reward ratio. Once use strictly mini stop-loss and make effective profit. After in depth and long research & workout our experts have successfully find out these unique strategy which would help you to make success. If can't believe just try a free live demo. We provide a complete training of our product.

Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software

India's most unique, advanced, live high accurate Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software with trend following strategy.
We are offering here Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software with Technical Analysis tools for Indian trading market. 95% accurate Entry-Exit multiple Target / Stop Loss indicators. The ultimate profit maker software. Working for NSE Nifty, Stocks, Futures, MCX, NCDEX, Commodity & Currency Market. Fully supported for live intraday & positional trading. Reduce your losses and turn into your trade into maximum profit. So this is your right guidance at the right time.

Best Technical Analysis Software

Most powerful, major indicators & formulas with Amibroker charting software for NSE Nifty, stocks, MCX commodity, NCDEX, Nifty 50 equity shares, cash - futures, derivatives option, currency, agriculture with risk management facility. A perfect system for watching clear market and used to predict to catch the market trend smoothly. This system is containing so many technical tools to analyse the market behaviour and combines fundamental valuation with technical analysis power for Intraday & Positional trading.

Auto Live Trade Software

AUTO LIVE TRADE is a trusted name in Indian market. ALTS-System is the complete one stop profit making solution for a smart day trading. Improve your trading method using this unique & successful software. Finally a pre-programmed win to win strategy.

Speciality of ALTS-System

As you have visited our website and exploring it right now, it is means that you are either a professional trader or a beginner in the stock market. Once visit in our website, do not forget to take the Free Demo of our product for analyse the chart behaviour. Then you can better judge whether this software can be useful or not.
If we ask you, what was the result of your last year trade? We know you will have no answer. Because all traders are going crazy to run after the success or the profit ratio. But they forget about the loss or the risk that they might face any time while trading.

After purchasing so many softwares they ultimately get confused among the most expensive, worthless & inefficient product. Then the Traders either stop trading permanently or lose their whole capitals. So never run after the accuracy or the profit ratio rather than judge the trade through it's Risk Reward ratio. Of course, if you want to prevent your loss then give importance to loss ratio and then profit will be earned automatically.

One of the first & foremost thing in this market is that, no one company can provide you any software which can deliver 100% profit. If you have this mentality, immediate remove it from your brain & mind. Because stock market is volatile & inconsistent. So be careful, before taking any software first judge the stop-loss ratio all time.

"Just assume what would happen if you face 5 trading losses simultaneously on a single day - Just think of it, Might give you a terrible sensation."

The most important thing is the loss margin so, profit does not matter how much you will earn in the future days. So, at first You need to understand how to treat the loss margin.
Kindly follow our techniques by the example given below.

For an example with minimum value,
suppose In NIFTY-I

My target is for a single day to spend maximum loss quantity in total 15-20 points, not for a single trade. If I split these points into 3 trades, then each trade has stop-loss value only 5-7 points. And hence my target value is at-least at some effective point.

DAY 1 Flat or Fluctuate Market :
Trade Executed = 3 and Result = LOSS 7 + LOSS 7 + LOSS 7 = Total Loss 21 points.

DAY 2 Average Market :
Trade Executed = 3 and Result = LOSS 7 + WIN 40 + LOSS 7 = Total Loss = 14 points & Profit 40 points.
Total Balance P/L ( 40 - 21 - 14 ) = +5 points.

DAY 3 Trending Market :
Trade Executed = 3 and Result = WIN 50 + LOSS 7 + WIN 60 = Total Profit = 110 points & Loss 7 points.
Total Balance P/L ( 5 + 110 - 7 ) = +108 points
Now average profit per day : 108 / 3 = 36 points.

Morality: Loss is a common fact in trading so we should use "Strictly Stop-Loss Value". So stop-loss should always be fixed with little point for reduce the loss quantity. It can prevent your capital from increasing the loss margin.
This result can be possible only using by our software because in our chart signal comes only at Top / Bottom level, so easily you can catch maximum profit.
We may not give you an assurance of becoming " A MILLIONAIRE " person overnight but you may turn your dreams into reality. Get rich quick scheme does not work all time!

Here we are not forcing anyone to buy our product so do not think that we are blaming & underestimating the other company's product & simply trying to promote our product. It is absolutely wrong. We are just trying to exhibit the real scenarios which one will face while contacting us regrading our product. If you think that all companies are providing same AmiBroker charting software which you already tried a number of times & got frustrated and lost all your hope then that was your wrong conception. Because AmiBroker is a Unique platform for stocks screener, very simple & easy to use. That is why we provide technical strategy for market analysis with buy and sell signals indicators just hiring by AmiBroker platform.

Have you any doubt whether you will be able to understand this product, to operate the software, follow the signals or earn profit after purchase this software? Don't worry, we are always by your side to provide a complete training of our product . Please call us at +919547822308 / +918116184107. or watch the image screen shot by clicking zoom-in, all instruction has given in Gallery.

Why Choose Us

Fully Automated Mechanical Functionality Technical System. Generating very high efficiency Signals.

Good Risk Reward Ratio. Maximum Profit & Minimum Loss. Like, 1 : 2++maximum. Success ratio approx 95%.

Entry Price is Closing value of current Candle while Previous Candle High/Low is Minimum Loss and Target Price is Maximum Profit.

Top Bottom Signals for getting Maximum Profit ( no repaint ). Works in volatile and sideways Market very smoothly.

Call Filtration System. Helpful to avoid any False Signal so Automatically probability of getting Loss decreases.

Multi Trend Following System. Market Trend Following Techniques. Trend Following Heikin-Ashi Candle Chart.

Updated Resistance & Support levels. Consider Multi – Time frame Strength in single chart.

Advanced Alert out-put with Sound System & Scanning facility. Multiple Chart's Window.

Exit Signals while Market Reverse. Take Re-Entry in same Signal while market one side Direction.

Very simple to Friendly use Interface. No need of Market Special Technical knowledge. Allow you to Trade all the Segment easily.

We understand Trader's problem. Our Technical Support Team always ready to help you, assist with all of your queries.

Works for Intraday, Short Term & Long Term basis. Low-Cost budget Trading Software

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  • 3 Months INR 8550
  • 6 Months INR 12550
  • 12 Months INR 17550




  • 3 Months INR 5550
  • 6 Months INR 8550
  • 12 Months INR 13550




  • 3 Months INR 5550
  • 6 Months INR 8550
  • 12 Months INR 13550
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Generally we show free demo on trading days from Monday to Friday during market hour. To see our product's demo first download remote software either Teamviewer or Ammyy-Admin. You must download any one of these applications on desktop. For free demonstration kindly fill up the Demo Registration Form or Call us our representative between 10.00am to 6.00pm and request for free demo. During the demo session our representative will provide you an ID number.

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Applicable for all Indian trading market. Everything works under one software.

Our Team is a pioneer in developing smart indicators for technical analysis with focus on solving problems of regular traders for in India. After in depth and long research & workout our experts have successfully find out these unique software which would help you to make success. It needs to achieve leading market benchmarks, deliver excellent client support and impart the no lesser amount of knowledge to their clients as much as the company’s professional’s posses regarding trading. That is exactly what the company is successfully abiding by. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve good returns from the market and at the same time protect their trading capital from loss. Our mission is to give best service to our valuable clients making good profit from trading market. Our vision is to update every movement of market. Update new technical charts method. We understand trader problems. Our support team always ready to help you. We provide lifetime support to all of our clients if they face any type of technical problem while using our Software.

What People Say?

Swamy Rao

"Thank you for your team. This system help me find a better way to analyse the market trend in the easy way. The technique in your software are unique, easy to learn and use."- From Karnataka

Manish Parikh

"I searched many times in internet. Then I got your number from google. This software is excellent. Though I reside in remote place of Bangalore but still I get prompt support from you. Hats of you & your company."- From Maharastra

Premanshu Rana

"I am your very old customer since 8 years. Earlier I used software from other company. In that I could not know when a new signal comes. Your software gives alert output with scanner which is excellent. I m very happy, Keep up the good work."- From Kolkata

Yogesh C Sanghavi

"Myself Yogesh C Sanghavi from Gujarat. I am using technical software from you for last 3 years. I lost my ID but your support executive is very co-operative because within 10 minutes they have told my ID. It is very praiseworthy."- From Gujarat

Sanjay Barwa

"Main thing I have noted that your signals are fixed & do not change like others. So easily I can catch the exact entry point. THIS IS REALLY GREAT!!"- From Chhattisgarh

Mukesh M Kalaria

"Real, practical, fully technical momentum trading techniques. Your Trend Analyse System is really useful for trading."- From Rajasthan

K. Lingachary

"Mr. V. Raman having already this software, after that I purchased it from you as per my friend request. Now I'm using this, really good keep it up, thanks to all of your staff of AutoLiveTrade Team, Excellent site we advertise every who concern share market."- From Tamilnadu

Sunil Kumar K

"Thanking You & Your Team. This Buy Sell Signal Software is amazing! I am getting profit daily. May be rare loss. But I cover loss very quick."- From AndhraPradesh

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Processor: Pentium 4 or higher. ( Dual Core recommended )

RAM: 512 MB or higher. ( 2 GB recommended )

Hard Disk Space: 1 GB minimum.

Display Resolution: Minimum 800 * 600 VGA resolution. ( 1024 * 768 recommended )

Operating System: Windows® 2000 or later. ( Windows XP recommended )

Compatible Web Browsers: Mozilla Firefox / Safari / Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Netscape Navigator.

Internet Speed: Minimum 30 KBPS.(Broadband/3G recommended)

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